Fee Structure

Fee Structure:

We are providing home tuition services in Delhi, for last 10 years. We have a huge database of good variety and well Experience of quality teachers who understand student’s requirement and take pride in teaching. Our teacher charges for home tuitions primarily depend upon the level being taught, qualifications, experience and communication skills.

  • Grade D:- Graduate Student Fresh / Grad.
  • Grade C:- Professionals Fresh / Part-Time Tutors
  • Grade B:- Professionals – Less 5Yrs. Experience
  • Grade A-:- Professionals – More than 5Yrs. Experience
  • Grade A+:- Outstanding Tutors / Ex./Sc. Teacher


Feature Home Tutors Fees on Monthly Basis (Rs.)

Classes Grade D Grade C Grade B Grade A- Grade A+
Nursery – 5th  3000/-  3500/-  4000/- 4500/- 300 hr. onwards
6th – 8th 3500/-  4000/-  4500/- 300/hr 350 hr. onwards
9th – 10th  4000/-  4500/- 300/hr 350/hr 500 hr. onwards
11th-12th 300/hr Onward 350/hr onward 400/hr onward 450/hr onward 750 hr. onwards
IITJEE/MEDICAL N. A N. A (350 to 450)/hr 500/hr onward 750 hr. onwards
Graduation/ Post Graduation 500/hr onward 550/hr 600/hr onward 750/hr onward 750 hr. onwards
SAT/CAT N. A N. A N. A/hr N. A/hr 800/hr onwards
Foreign Languages
(French, German, Spanish etc.)
N. A N. A N. A N. A 800/hr onwards
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